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Sample of Testimonials


Hi Ric,

   You will be really happy to know that K.H. and I are doing phenomenally well. I feel good about myself and good about our marriage. I am learning to be still and listen for His voice. He will guide me; if I will stop trying to tell Him what I think is the best plan! Ha-ha. His plan is always better, anyway! Mostly, I feel good about where God has brought us. The road has been tough at times, and I still struggle with trust, but we are here giving Him the glory for keeping us together. He is growing us in new directions every day. You were a part of that for a season and I want to thank you for your willingness to be led by the Holy Spirit. 

   Thank you for everything that you did for us and all of the wisdom you spoke to me. Those words did not fall on deaf ears, even if it may have seemed like it at the time, amidst the tears or lack of equanimity. You have a gift Ric, and I am so grateful that we were able to benefit from your gift. 

   We miss you and our appointments together. I will forever consider you a friend, and I hope you will do the same.

    I have prayed for your practice to continue to flourish. Not only for you, but because I know you can help so many people.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,




Dear Ric,

   Honestly, you have no idea how much healing the Lord brought to my life through you. I can honestly say I am a better husband, father, and most importantly Christian because of some of the things we worked through.

   Whenever anybody brings up why I am minoring in counseling I talk about you and how gifted by God you are, and how God has used you in my life. Also, God has given me a lot of opportunities to testify to His greatness and what He has done in me in the last 4-5 years, and you are a huge part of that story, so your name gets used a lot. Hope you don’t mind.

   You were a Godsend into my life and I have no doubt that God is going to use you in some amazing ways to help others find healing.




Hello Ric,

   I do want to thank you for everything. You have given me many resources I am using everyday. You are truly an anointed mighty man of God. Keep doing what you are doing. Many lives have been changed because of your faithfulness.



Call us at 843-981-4095

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